8 comments on “Mount Shasta 2018: A Year In Images

  1. Beautiful pictures especially as you laid them out by the month. It looks like a wonderful place to live and enjoy nature at her fullest. (except for the winters).

  2. Lived close to the mountain for several years .A very peaceful time in my life. The mountain is magical, I could look at it for hours. Still try to go back every year.

  3. This is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever done. I’m glad you made it through a tough year with the fires. You live in an amazing place and I’ve got you penciled in for 2020 when I come through on the PCT!

    • I really appreciate your saying that. It was a strange year but beautiful. Keep me posted on your progress on the PCT. When you come through, you are welcome to stay at our cabin for a zero or two. I’ll drive you up to the Old Ski Bowl too, if you are interested in heading up to treeline on Mount Shasta.

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