24 comments on “Seldom Seen: The Grey Rocks

      • Did you start from where the trail is marked on the map? We did not find that trail or any indication at the marked spot. We found several other possibilities as we continued following the road southeast. We tried a few and were able to make some good progress before getting trapped in manzanita. As we exited we found a drainage that seemed more possible with some scampering around the bluff on the east side. We ran out of time and couldn’t explore that option. I can see why this is a rarely visited lake. By the way, we started from the second bridge on the main FS road.

      • No, the map is wrong. I need to up date it. There is a road another 0.5 miles up the really rough road, steep two-track mostly, that leads down to an ephemeral pond. From there there is a single-track trail through the manzanita to the lake. I need to rehike the trail and get good pictures. I usually keep things vague if I don’t have good pictures to back them up. The map is definitely due for an upgrade. I appreciate you helping me refine my posts!

      • We both had different GPS units and we tried to follow the trail on the topo map, labeled 5W27. There were a few places that looked like they could be trail, but lots of blowdowns, thickets and nothing we could really follow. Here is my track, where you can see our attempt to follow 5W27 and then the alternate route we selected to descend and then further east our ascent. It looked like an option just a bit further east. Is that the approximate area you found? https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-TTZcIW01DLE/UoLv1JUFpLI/AAAAAAAAHzo/T1gW2BYlj7E/w405-h337-no/Grey+Rocks+Lake+Track.JPG

      • Your middle route pretty close. Once you hit the mazanita at the bottom there is a really narrow path that cuts through it, similar to the path from Upper Twin Lake over to Tamarack Lake. It can be tough to find.

  1. Just a quick note to let you know that Grey Rock Lake and surrounding 800 acres is privately owned (I am the owner). If you are one of those people who treads lightly and would like to go there (with permission), please let me know. My name is Steve Johnson and my email address is johnsonsjames@aol.com. We plan to keep the lake wild and pristine, and are currently beginning a scientlific study of the area’s flora and fauna (as well as geology) with an eye toward wilderness preservation. I would like to make sure that no new campsites or firepits are established around the lake, and there is no trail around the lake (and I would like to keep it that way). I talked to Bubba about this recently, and would not like to widely publish directions on how to get there, or on the best way to get down to the lake. My boys and I have packed out all the trash we could find around the lake, and believe that we are likely the only ones to visit the lake in the last couple of years. The lake is currently very low due to the lack of rain/snow. As noted above, we would like to keep the lake and the grey rocks (I also own the North Grey Rocks) wild and pristine. Our long term plan is to work toward establishing a new wilderness area around the Grey Rocks, or maybe connecting the Grey Rocks with the existing Castle Crags wilderness area.

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  10. Bubba,
    I’m intrested in reaching this summit tomorrow 7/7/19. I’m a local I’ve hiked all over the regions ridges peaks and mountain lakes and have always been curious about this particular spot. I’ve done some Intel but it sounds like you know a sweet route. If you are willing to share directions , mostly driving directions I would greatly appreciate it. If I want to hike it tomorrow with a stranger ket me know. Josh

    • Hi Josh. Sorry I did not respond sooner. I have been on a cross-country roadtrip with my family and just got home last night. If you are still interested in the Grey Rocks, shoot me an email and I will give you a some details.

      • I’m still very interested in reaching the gray rocks summit. I headed up into the trinity’s instead that day. Where do I find you email address? Thanks for the help. I hope to see you on the trail sometime.

  11. Wow. Most enjoyable hike, climb, scramble in awhile. We’ve met a few times now Bubba. I work on the mountain as a ranger. The small yet deep lake (tarn) below the south summit is incredible. We hiked the road to the view of Grey Rock Lake then up the SE ridge via an old trail through the brush eventually scrambling the entire ridge to the south summit. We then down climbed a gulley(sketchy) and got cliffed out so traversed some slabs to another gulley further south and descended to the tarn. Took a dip and enjoyed the view. Even a cool rock island you can swim to, climb and dive off. On way out, we found it so much easier to go up to the saddle between the north and south peaks and bushwhack our way back to the truck parked at that little spur road turnaround spot. Great site and thanks for beta to this epic spot! Next I want to find Cerulean Lake and get up the north peak. Cheers!

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