9 comments on “Mount Shasta Area Rivers Gallery

    • Thanks much! I spent four years going to school in Texas and your neck of the woods holds a special place in my heart too (as do the Wichita Mountains, up in Oklahoma)!

  1. If this is Bubba Seuss from Newman, shoot me an email…Im hoping you can make it to our reunion! I used to tape your ankles 🙂 would love to see you!!!

    • Hey Gen! Thanks for shooting me a message. It sure has been a while. Hard to believe that we graduated 20 years ago! I would love to come to the reunion. Unfortunately, under a harsh deadline for my latest book and I will be spending most of the next couple of months up in the Sierra GPSing and photographing trails. That will leave me only October to finish 120,000 words. Yikes! I really do appreciate the lookup though and I would certainly like to catch up with everyone, however possible (I am not on Facebook, for what that’s worth). Is there any way I can still be on the email list for updates and all that (not sure who is organizing things)? I hope you are doing well. Last time I talked to you, I think you and Emily Crandall had just moved out to North Carolina. Are you still out there? Married? If you’re ever heading up I-5 and want to stay in the mountains for a while, my wife (Harmony) and I have a large guest cabin and we love having people stay and play on the mountain. Of course, my kids love playing with whoever is there too! Again, thanks for tracking me down. I would love to stay in touch!

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  3. Can you recommend a 2-day, 1 night overnight trip for hiking/fishing/camping with a dog April 14-15? 5-6 miles per day or less on rather simple terrain would be perfect. I have a 5-mo old puppy who is too young for difficult hikes, but ready to be introduced to great outdoors. thanks in advance for any pointers.

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