8 comments on “Wild Water: The 5 Best Hikes On Rivers And Creeks

    • Honestly, I have never even used Pintrest before but you may be right that it is something I ought to have on the site. It may take a little research for me to figure things out but I will start working on it. I hope the site continues to be interesting. Thanks for reading!

      • Hi – you don’t have to have an account, but if your readers do, they can share your work (it links back to your site). Go to Settings, then Sharing. Top of page is where you can link to your social media places – Bottom of page has a Sharing Buttons area where you can choose available outlets that will show at the bottom of each post.

  1. Bolam Creek is so interesting to me. I find that, just as you said, I can imagine it’s current bed fragile if a major storm were to come through. The makeup of the rock and soils seems geologically “new” and the bowl shape of the riverbed is also curious. It is wonderful to find places that make us see our wonderful planet with a better perspective of its constantly changing surface.

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