11 comments on “Magnificent Relic – Mount Shasta’s Medial Moraine

  1. Wow, what a fascinating post! I just love geology but didn’t know about medial moraines. I love your idea about a Moraine Vista Trail. I lived in California for 14 years and visited the Mount Shasta area several times. Can’t wait to spend time there again. Kindest regards, Karen

    • I really appreciate you saying that! This subject has been something of a labor of love for me and it is quite meaningful to know when it strikes a cord with someone! I hope you are able to come back to Mount Shasta soon!

  2. Glaciers melting at a fast pace due to recent high temperatures are blamed for Whitney Creek flooding the Mount Shasta Vista subdivision Saturday night.One home is threatened by the water, which Saturday night cut a new channel for itself right through the subdivision. At least three other homes may be in danger.

    • Can you tell me why you are quoting something about the Whitney Glacier’s outburst? This was years ago and isn’t really relevant to the article I wrote.

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