9 comments on “Mount Shasta Area Waterfalls: Sacramento River Waterfalls

    • Tell me about it! There are a few spots around Mount Shasta that have more color or more intense color but when it comes to the overall scene, I think Mossbrae is the best spot.

    • I really hope you are able to! It is definitely not a “power” waterfall but is incredibly graceful. It feels like it was ripped out of a fantasy novel or something like that.

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  2. You do realize that to get to Mossbrea falls requires trespassing on railroad property, and then again on the private property the falls are located on, right? Last I checked trespassing was illegal and anyone who posts or sells photos of this waterfall is admitting they broke the law and providing proof of the act. As much as I really wanted to visit Mossbrae, trespassing is still trespassing. Maybe instead of encouraging people to trespass you should be directing that energy towards the efforts for legal access.

    • Lighten up Fuzzy. If you were observant, you would notice I offered no specifics how to get there. I described in general terms the need to hike on the tracks but that is not new beta and much more specific information is readily available elsewhere but not on my site. Why? I actually do respect property rights. However, I am not going to ignore the existence of the waterfall. In addition, you have no idea what efforts I might have contributed behind the scenes to bringing the trail to fruition.

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