4 comments on “Mount Shasta Telephoto Gallery

  1. Your insight into this mountain is so thought-provoking as it applies to life and creation generally, including people… You have shown through your photos and writings that one mountain, albeit a very special one, can provide enough beauty and interest to occupy the mind and heart year after year, and that by engaging with it the way you do, coming to love it as a gift from God, and even a treasure house of gifts, you see more and more of its worthiness and loveliness.

    Any one human or facet of creation has the potential to reveal itself to us more and more, if we can only somehow tune our hearts, and it’s a joy to me just to read about your discoveries of Mt. Shasta. It makes me glad to have a connection with someone who has this connection to this magnificent bump on the earth’s surface. Thank you, Bubba! ❤

  2. I meant to say also, that your post reminds me of how our minds work, necessarily taking in whole things, like faces, or mountains, which we could not even recognize if we only saw the parts. But once we “know” the whole thing, we can delight in the parts and love them sort of individually, for the way they are themselves, but also how they contribute to the glory of the whole. I’ve enjoyed very slightly increasing my knowledge of Mt. Shasta by simply viewing it from different sides, and now I can sometimes recognize it in an unidentified photo seen elsewhere — or a wrongly identified photo, as I told you about once! I’m sure this is largely due to reading your blog.

  3. I would love to see if you have anything from inside the crevasses and up-close-and-personal with the ice falls.?

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