3 comments on “Trinity Alps Trails In The Carter Meadow Area

  1. I do love being able to see a lake from a distance. It’s always a beautiful sight, but I also appreciate the opportunity to get the layout of the land before I stand on the beach. Then I feel like I have a better sense of where I am. The first photo is gorgeous!

  2. Would one of the Gulch lakes be good for a two day trip for small children who are good hikers? Any other suggestions that would fit that bill? We’ve been to Deadfall and are looking to branch out!

    • Either of the Gulch Lakes would be a good choice, as would East Boulder Lake, the Little South Fork Lakes or Tangle Blue Lake. Those are all in the northeast corner of the Trinity Alps. The Marbles and Russians also have a number of lakes in that difficulty level. Closer to Mount Shasta, you might consider the Seven Lakes Basin or Porcupine and Toad Lakes. They are all fantastic hikes.

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