4 comments on “Northern California Review: Eastern Sierra Fall Color

  1. We recently hiked Bishop Creek (Chocolate Lakes Loop), Lundy Canyon, and Leavitt Meadows. Lundy Canyon had the greatest density of brilliant Fall color, while the lakes around Chocolate Peak were stunning. Leavitt was also a good hike but a bit short on color once we left the Walker River.

    • That’s all grand stuff. You really can’t go wrong down there. The hike up around the Cloudripper is one of my all-time favorites, though Lundy Canyon is tough to beat. It is too bad that the trail at the head of the canyon got wiped out. Hikers used to be able to access the 20 Lakes Basin that way – it was one of the greatest hikes in the Sierra. Lundy definitely has great fall color too…now if those beavers would rebuild the dam!

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