15 comments on “Seldom Seen: Hole In The Ground Geologic Area

    • I think you and I have a similar interest in the things that are not often seen. If you ever head over this way, feel free to give me a holler! My wife and I have a cabin across the street from our house that we use as a guest house. You are welcome to use it if you want to make a base camp to explore this area. Just file that away…

  1. Would love to have more details getting there. Would one be able to ride around it on horseback?
    Or best to just hike it

    • Shoot me an email if you would like directions how to get there. As far as horses, I don’t think they could get there as it takes a bit of scrambling to reach it. Nothing hard, but not horse friendly. That said, I think even people should tread carefully there. Horses would be rough on the place.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog ColoradoTravelingDucks.com. I love your blog! Fantastic photos. Thanks for showing and telling about the Hole in the Ground Geological area. I never knew. I will visit your site often. Love the mountains and Mt. Shasta is perfect

  3. It reminds me of a plug and rim, sort of similar to Panum Crater near Mono Lake. Good article, and great pictures. I will definitely be checking this place out, when I go to Redding next year.

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  8. Trout lake I know how to get to Montague but once there how can we get to lake? Also SissonCallahan trail that starts off Barr rd on sac river headwaters but where? I’ve had locals here try to find it and have problems. End up cross country walking which is too hard on arthritis ankles. Can you help there as well? Or if you have book or site with more detailed info let us know please. Thought lakes are open year round in calif? Thanks l

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