3 comments on “Descent Into Mystery: The Sisson-Callahan Trail

  1. Hey Bubba,
    Thanks again for all the hard work on your website. I find myself coming back to it time and time again and have finally realized the depth of your site. It truly is a one stop shop.
    Kathy and I and two seniors citizens hiked the two lower sections of Sisson-Callahan from North Fork to the base of Mt Eddie a few weeks ago, one section each week. The trail was worked on by some boy scouts a while back and is still in very good condition. There was a pack train of at least 4 animals several hours ahead of us.
    The section we found to be stunningly beautiful was the upper section of the trail from the Morgan Meadows road to the base of Mt Eddie. The river was much more accessible from this section of trail, usually only have to drop down a 2 to 6 ft embankment to access the water for ourselves and our dogs, than the lower section of trail ( from North Shore Rd ) where the river can be significantly lower than the trail and not easily accessed. The trail was a little steep in spots but never for any great length.The forest was lush with open meadows and plenty of open vistas across the canyon. The trees we typical higher altitude in appearance with many old growth beauties with singular twists and gnarls and evidence of the really tough environment that these trees thrive in. The entire hike there and back was around five hours, and that was really taking our time since we had two 80 plus seniors with us. We stopped along the way for pictures of the many wild flowers and of course having Velma Nile with us she was able to identify 99% of them. Even with good cameras one cannot capture the beauty this trail offers. I would suggest this hike for anyone who wants to spend a morning or afternoon seeing a unique section of the Sisson-Callahan Trail. A 5 out of 5 star rating.

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