9 comments on “Breaking Down The North State: Seven Major Regions

  1. Wow, this is a remarkable compilation of northern California regions! You have keyed on so clearly on the geographic relevance of each, and how they relate to each other. You identified characteristics that truly shine for each region: trees, granite, rivers, volcanic features. You have also made each region sound like a place of wonder and beauty. Having visited each of the regions, I can confirm that the places are as unique and stunning as you describe. It’s clear you are in love with your home. Your photos are always beautiful, though I must say that in this post your words paint a better picture than the photos.

  2. Thanks for putting the geography of our area in such a wide angle perspective. I am always learning something new from your great posts.

  3. Nice job! Such an amazing area we get to live and play in! …and hey, you know I am ready to help getting some of those images out…waiting for ya!

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