5 comments on “Gumboot Saddle: Two Hikes On The Pacific Crest Trail

  1. I’ve read a number of articles about hiking in the Pacific Northwest and they say the mosquitoes and flies can be a real problem. Any truth to that in your area? I remember car camping with my family from Anchorage all the way down the Al-Can Highway back in ’67 and mosquitoes were a nightmare. Nothing like mosquitoes and/or chiggers to put a damper on things.

    • It is true that the PNW does have some pretty horrendous mosquito hordes. I think that that is true at any mountain area that has a lot of lakes but I think it is worse in areas were the lakes are generally shallower like those found in the Oregon Cascades. Fortunately, the squiters aren’t bad in the Shasta area. They can be a bit pesky for a little while but then that is the end of it. I hiked into the Bear Lakes in the Trinity Alps a couple of days ago and I do not think I encountered a single mosquito. If you want a little further north to, say, the Sky Lakes Wilderness in Oregon, I assure you that the hordes of the little monsters would have been discouraging. In places where they are bad, they are typically gone by mid-to late July.

      • That’s one thing I do like about hiking in New Mexico, at least in the places I have been, is there are no mosquitoes. Had to deal with a few pesky flies when I went backpacking in San Pedro Parks, but no mosquitoes. And thank god there are no chiggers out here!

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