11 comments on “Mount Shasta Sunrise Gallery

  1. I’m heading to McCloud for tomorrow morning’s sunrise. Where up there near McCloud would you suggest is the best vantage point for Shasta sunrises?

    • If you are coming up to see Mount Shasta, I would not bother. There is a storm moving through the area. It dumped a foot of snow at my house today. There is no visibility and you will not be able to see Mount Shasta.

      • Darn. Happen to be up here already, waiting out the rain at a hotel in Redding. Wasn’t too far of a drive though — live in the Bay Area, and Shasta is not new for me. I’ve been watching the weather forecasts looking for updates. Looks like there’s still a 40% chance of rain at sunrise in the morning, with the rain not expected to let up for the day until 9 am, but guess visibility is still going to be zilch.

        Time for a plan B and find something else to photograph tomorrow, and hit up Shasta again in a few months.

        For future planning — where in McCloud would you recommend?

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