10 comments on “Seldom Seen: Ash Creek Butte Fossil Rock Glacier

  1. I the 60s, I spent a lot of time at this place….I used to hike up an old jeep road that was made by the Eddleman family of Weed. It switch-backed up the side of the butte. They would drive forward one way and back up the next section…there may still be remnants of their road on the top….also there used to be their old camp site on the upper end of the lake in the trees….

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    • That is really cool. What side of the mountain was the old jeep road? If it was on the west side, as if coming from Weed, it may have been obliterated by logging activity or incorporated into the logging network. I am surprised that no trails have been built over there. It is so scenic, I think a lot of folks would hike over there.

      • As I recall, I came in from the south? Side. From the military pass road…I remember the last time I went up there. I took a friend after telling him all about my “secret spot”. Anyway, when we got on top they had a big logging road there and were logging it! I was heartbroken and never went back again…..

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  4. Nice work bubba. I’ve read your posts for years the photography and geological is awesome.

    I’ve hike extensively through this region covered many ridges and unnamed peaks in the trinity divide all over the Russian wilderness covered a decent chunk of ground in the Trinity’s and of course blazed around and up Shasta. Some of these hikes than to your posts, so thank you.

    I just moved to McCloud and I’m fascinated with reaching the top and exploring around ash creek Butte. I’ve been to Surprise lake. Could you share any route advice on reaching the peak? Did you just follow ridge lines? Also is it self explanatory about how to reach the pond you named in this post?

    Any advice would be helpful.


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