7 comments on “Mount Shasta 2020 – A Year In Images

  1. Thanks for the wrap-up. It was nice to follow along with your observations of the changing seasons and I’m glad that I found your blog. This was our first year to spend extended time in the area, and we are looking forward to returning in the future, exploring more, and safely experiencing the Mt Shasta area.

  2. Very nice, Bubba! Sounds like our years were similar – hard to call 2020 a good year, but we were very lucky to be in a good place and we had lots of good times, even if they weren’t quite the good times we had hoped for. Glad to hear your and your family are well, though. 2020 has certainly reinforced that such things are not to be taken for granted.

    • We definitely can’t take anything for granted these days. I am glad you had a good year Jackson. Your images have certainly been evidence of that. It’s great to see Eli having all these experiences too. I can’t imagine raising kids in the cities these days…

    • Thanks Curt. It is amazing how different the mountain is, depending on vantage point alone. Add in weather, time of day etc and it just seems like a different mountain altogether sometimes.

      • Just driving back and forth on I-5 over the years and over highways 89 and 97 I’ve certainly had that feeling. And then there was my trip down the PCT around the mountain that gave me gorgeous views for three weeks! The many moods of the mountain!

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