12 comments on “Two Trails From Bunny Flat

  1. Hey, great stuff! You don’t mention total distance, however. What would be the total miles doing the loop via Horse Camp? And what is the mileage for doing an out and back to Green Butte via the other trail to the right shown? Is it possible to do as a day hike for moderate to strong hikers? Thanks for this-we may do this in mid Oct if the weather cooperates.

    • The mileage for the loop is about 5 miles. It is not too difficult. The hardest part is the route finding up the side of Avalanche Gulch up to Green Butte Ridge. If you find the right route, it is pretty easy. The loop really is a great trip.

      As far as the images go, none of them are recent. The snow is really, really low now, though. I would not be surprised if there was practically nothing in the gulch by October. Of course, it could snow by then too. Feel free to drop me a line for conditions updates if you like!

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  3. I’ve climbed Mt Shasta via the green Banks trail 5 times, always in July or August. Never have I seen it so free of snow as it is in your photos. I recall once getting out of our vehicle and putting on my crampons in the parking area.

    • It was bare when I took the images and it is pretty bare now. I took the shots of Green Butte Ridge last year at the end of September. Since it was a light year, it was no surprise that there was little snow. That was not atypical for a year like that. Now though, and at this time of year, that is another matter. We need some snow!

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  5. The trail quickly fades away 1/4 of mile past the horse camp. This loop is not visible anymore. We attempted it today.

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