5 comments on “Vintage Color Photos Of Mount Shasta From 1907

  1. Could the mystery spot be the now-dry Summit Lake, off the South Weed I-5 exit and down some forest service roads? The perspective looks a bit like that area, at least if I’m remembering my many hikes there properly.

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  3. I have a calendar photo taken in 1950 of “Black Butte from Sunfish Lake” that looks like this. Same view angle of the butte. Same angle as a view from the Abrams Lake area. Heard that there was a Lake Eleanor (that is now dry) in same area. I could post photos if someone points me to the proper link for that.

    • Hi Doug. I completely missed this comment when you posted it back in June and for that I am very sorry. I was down in the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness at the time and did not see it when I got back. I am very interested in what you have, if you are still willing to share!

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