3 comments on “A 19th Century Engraving Of An Epic Mount Shasta Vista

  1. Wow, what a good eye to be able to match all the landmarks from the engraving to an actual photo. Indeed, the proportions are not right, and to the unpracticed eye that makes the two scenes totally different! After I was done being struck that you recognized it, then I was impressed that all those wonderful details were maintained despite arriving second-hand to the artist.

    • It is impressive how accurate it is despite the proportion being off. That said, I assumed that the sketch was taken from the east side of Mud Creek Canyon but now I think the original artist was on the west side as portrayed in the engraving. I like the perspective and I hope that such a place still exists but I have a feeling that the trees have grown enough that the view is obscured now. The same happened on the east side of the canyon. Famed geologist Joseph Diller took a great shot of the same scene in the 1880’s but I have concluded that the spot he shot from has become overgrown. It will be worth exploring the lower rim of the west side to see if the view is still there!

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