6 comments on “Mount Shasta 2015: A Year In Images

  1. Omigosh, WOW! These are some of the best photos yet! You do a smashing job with showing off your favourite volcano. Congratulations on all your successes in 2015. Looking forward to seeing your 2016, and I’m relieved you’re going to start the year off with more snow than last year.

    • We are starting off with A LOT more snow. We got more in December than the last three years combined, and it is still coming down hard. Just to make the point, we only got about 10 inches of snow in the 2013/14 and 2014/15 winters combined. It has snowed that much this morning alone (6 Jan)! It can be a pain to clear the snow, but the lack of it sure makes one grateful!

      • Yes! That is good news. I know just what you mean about catching yourself before complaining. The weather can be a pain until we remember the greater implications. I’m so glad to hear about all the snow on Shasta. Maybe the weather pattern will linger and it will happen again next winter too.

  2. Beautiful photos! I usually come to Shasta area late July, but this year want to come earlier to see more wildflowers. Any suggestions for peak wildflower time for 2016? Thank you.

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