13 comments on “Switchbacks To Heaven: The Trinity Alps’ Stoney Ridge Trail And Four Lakes Loop

    • Thanks much! Honestly, that trip was from a few years ago. The Trinity Alps are so vast, I try not to double up on trails too much. Other than a day hike to the Bear Lakes a week ago, I have not even begun to hit the Trinities yet this summer. Not enough time and too much responsibility!

      • Not to mention snowpack. I just made a hike this weekend to only 5000 feet and was still climbing over snow. Well responsibilities come first, and then take care of yourself too. 😉

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  2. I have gone up those twice. While in wilderness recovery center as a youth loved it love that place.

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  4. My wife and I plan to do this hike Aug 2-4. If anyone would like to “buddy up” so we can hike in via Stoney Ridge and out Long Canyon (or vice versa) Please get in touch with me (8015051404. I’m envisioning a car shuttle.

  5. This post was spot on. I followed this route, start to finish. Camped at Echo Lake (try the ridge above the lake if the main campsite is taken) to make 4 Lakes a family-friendly 12-13 mile day hike. Altitude makes it more challenging than Canyon Creek for weekend warriors from sea level, but totally doable. Nothing but praise for this route & this great hiking post. Thank you to the author!

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