4 comments on “Off Season Trails

  1. I’ve read a lot of your off season or winter hikes as well as your Falcon Guides book. I also noticed that many are dated previous years. As we’ve had copious amounts of precipitation, where would you suggest as a great 1-2 night backpacking trail in the area? Are the options you mention accessible this year? Mileage doesn’t matter as much as actually being able to get in a few miles, preferably with a view! Not sure you’ll see this but we are looking at this weekend! This will be our first exploration in the area, (which is a shame as Oroville isn’t far), and excited to spend the birthday outdoors exploring what I hope will be my new destination! Thank you!

    • As far as backpacking goes, this is a rough time of year. Realistically, the thaw has not even started yet, so the high country is smothered in snow. That means most of the best destinations are still buried in the white stuff. If I were to recommend a couple, you might consider the McCloud River Trail or connecting the PCT from Ash Camp to Ah-Di-Na with the trail through the McCloud River Preserve. It is pretty remote, the river is beautiful and there won’t be too many (if any) people there right now. Another good option is to head up the PCT through the Castle Crags. There are some good vista points and you can check out Burstarse Falls or head up Sulphur Creek to the base of the crags. There are campsites along the trail and plenty of water. Other than that, the best bet is to check back in in June or so. There is plenty of stuff to hit then.

      Oh yeah. You might also consider hitting Canyon Creek in the Trinity Alps. Check what the snow level is there, but at the very least you should be able to make it to Canyon Creek Falls and possibly Canyon Creek Meadows. It is spectacular back there.

      • Thank you so much for the info. I will definitely read up on those and pick one. The information you provide, through your website and book is extremely valuable. Thank you for allowing us weekend warriors the access to enjoy the outdoors/area you love so much.

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