8 comments on “Seldom Seen: Diller Canyon

  1. Nice writeup Bubba! You have certainly peaked my interest. I’ll have to get on this route soon! Looks like a nice route in its own right, and having the solitude that it has would certainly add to the atmosphere. You wouldn’t see any signs of anyone till you reached the summit of Shastina, I know some folks have supposedly skiied down it, but it seem infrequent enough that I have never actually heard of anyone saying they did it themselves.

    • I have a friend who works at the 5th Season and he said that a handful of people ski Diller Canyon but that was it. It would certainly be one of the lonelier routes on the mountain and fairly straight forward with a short approach too boot! Honestly, given that there is an old road leading into the canyon and it is pretty easy to reach from town, I am amazed that there is not a popular trail there or at least a well-established route. You can get there quicker than any other route on Shasta save those that start on Everitt.

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  7. Hey there, thanks for the info. I’m planning a climb up Shastina and I’m figuring out the route. It seems most people start from Bunny Flat, go up to Horse Camp, then go left over the bottom of Cadaval Ridgr, past Hidden Valley and kind of up the side of tge saddle. What’s the reason not to approach by going up Diller Canyon? Thanks

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