Hike Mt Shasta Store

Welcome to the Hike Mt Shasta Store! I appreciate your support of this website via shopping here! The featured items are my three hiking guides. These cover the Mount Shasta area in great detail, California’s famed Wine Country and the entirety of California’s magnificent norther 2/3’s. They are all loaded with great color images and beautiful maps. I hope you enjoy reading them and hiking the trails they describe!

I am also including links to other books about Mount Shasta that I strongly recommend, as well as other hiking guides that I have used and found to be very helpful. These have all received the Hike Mt Shasta stamp of approval!

Books by Bubba Suess:

This was my first book and one born out of this website. It covers the entire Mount Shasta area, making it the most exhaustive hiking guide for this part of California. Including all trails on Mount Shasta as well as the Trinity Divide, Castle Crags and McCloud River area, other sections feature lesser known areas such as the Shasta Valley and the Scott Mountains. This is an indispensable resource while exploring the Mount Shasta region.

Covering the northern 2/3’s of California, this book stretches from the southern border of Sequoia National Park and the Big Sur area north to the Oregon border. Including 80 trails covering 9 regions in the most beautiful part of America, this book is a visual feast that whets the appetite for hikers ready to explore spectacular trails.

The Wine Country, though known for its world-renowned viticulture, is also an incredible hiking destination. Blessed with a temperate, year round climate and an impressive array of large parks, this area beckons hikers to explore trails laden with awesome vistas, redwoods, rugged coastlines and excellent wildflower displays.

Books about Mount Shasta:

The classic guide to climbing Mount Shasta. It is loaded with great information about the mountain and other activities in the surrounding area. This book is a classic!

Grover Shipman’s incredible guide is exhaustive in its coverage of rock climbing in Siskiyou County. It features excellent photography, many of which are aerial. It also features a fantastic history of rock climbing in the area. A great resource that should be in every Mt. Shasta library, even if you are not a rock climber!

Another book by the venerable Michael Zanger, this beautiful edition details the history of the Mount Shasta area. Filled with historical images and lots of great detail.

A gorgeous collection of art depicting Mount Shasta from the 19th and 20th centuries. Part art gallery, part history, the combination makes for a singularly terrific edition to any art and outdoor library.

Not exactly Mount Shasta, but Black Butte deserves its due! This is a very scenic book that unlocks some of the mystery of Mount Shasta’s small neighbor.

Excellent guide to the wildflowers on Mount Shasta. It features the exquisite paintings of the legendary Ed Stuhl, one of the forefathers of Mount Shasta recreation!

Not a book, but a useful tool to have while hiking on Mount Shasta.

Hiking Guides For Nearby Areas

The Trinity Alps are the vast Sierra-like playground that is Mount Shasta’s backyard. It is chock-full of spectacular scenery and a lifetime of trails to explore.

Lassen Volcanic National Park is the Shasta area’s volcanic neighbor to the south. This guidebook is descended from Jeffery Schaeffer’s excellent book.

Southern Oregon offers a wealth of trails not too far from the Mount Shasta area. There is a newer version of this book, but it covers a broader area, much of which is out of the purview of the Mount Shasta area.

Western History And Conservation

A terrific collection of some of John Muir’s most notable writings. Mostly focused on the Sierra Nevada, Mount Shasta does pop up from time to time.

This incredible book is the journal of William Brewer, a member of the California Geologic Survey from 1860 to 1864. He traveled the length and breadth of California, having many adventures and naming much of the geography. This book is very readable and features the Mount Shasta area prominently.