Lonely as God and white as a winter moon…

Welcome to Hike Mt. Shasta, the (soon to be) complete guide for hiking the Mount Shasta region!

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Use the interactive map to explore trails in the Mount Shasta area! More trail descriptions are in preparation now!

Green points – Mount Shasta trails
Red points – Trinity Divide trails
Orange points – Scott Mountains trails
Brown points – Shasta Valley trails
Light green points – Cascade Crest trails
Gray points – Castle Crags trails
Burgundy points – Mount Shasta City Area trails
Light blue points – Sacramento River trails
Dark blue points – McCloud River trails

93 comments on “Lonely as God and white as a winter moon…

  1. Best site ever!! I live in Dorris and I’ve been looking for a good, short, local hike to introduce my 7 & 9 year old boys to backpacking and wanted an exciting destination. I wasn’t having very much luck before I found your site. I appreciate you including a couple of hike up this way. It looks like I need to plan a trip out to Porcupine Lake soon and a day trip to Hart Lake ASAP. Thanks so much.

  2. I’m curious what the current condition of Horse Camp Trail is. I’m thinking of doing it this weekend connecting to Green Butte as you suggest. Would I be able to handle the hike without snowshoes? Thanks!

    • Man, I am just not sure right now. The weather has been pretty stormy and I have not even seen the mountain for a week or so because of the clouds. I would reckon that there is going to be some fresh snow up there, but I just can’t be certain. I would come prepared at this point.

  3. Love the website …I’ll check it out in depth more this week. I have not been there yet. Need to plan a trip this summer. Thanks for the like on my site….when I grow up, I want it to look as good as yours ;^)

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