13 comments on “A Major Milestone For Hike Mt Shasta

  1. Thank you Bubba, for bringing this gem of a region (and mountain) to my awareness. I’m from Maine and have hiked all peaks in the Northeast. Your website has made going to the Shasta wilderness a top priority.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful work! I dream if being able to explore this region someday soon and your newsletters keep me believin’!

  3. Congrats on one million hits-well deserved! We use your site all the time, most recently June 9th, 2017, when we explored Trout Lake and the Shasta Valley wildlife refuge. It was incredible! We would never have known about this hike without your valuable website. Thank you Bubba, and your kids are adorable, by the way!

    • Thank you very much Karen. I am glad you made it out to Trout Lake. That is one of my family’s favorite spots, especially in winter and spring. The views are stunning. I keep agitating for the development of some kind of trail network but I think it is a futile effort. Thanks for the comment on the kids too. My wife gets all the credit!

  4. Howdy BubbaSuess, and congratulations on reaching a million hits. That is a landmark for a guide-oriented site. People google a trail, land on your site, get the information they want, and leave. Which is fine, since that how guide sites are meant to be used, but it does nothing to drive up the number. In that context 1,000,000 views is huge.

    Sorry to hear of the demise of your camera. That photo at the top of this page is terrific. Good luck with that next piece of gear.

    • Thank you very much Marty! I really appreciate your saying that. Sometimes it is difficult to see how the investment of time and effort has an impact. Knowing the effort has value is very satisfying.

      I hope you keep up with the New Mexico stuff. I used to spend a lot of time there and I really miss it. You have the best hiking blog on that state and I always enjoy your posts, and revisit the area vicariously!

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