8 comments on “Low Snow On Mount Shasta

  1. Really interesting-thanks for posting this! We were happy to be on the southern flank of Mt Shasta last week, and our guest enjoyed making a snow cone. Love that area above Squaw Meadows-it’s fun to do an off trail back to the gate over the ridge. Have to self arrest a bit, but not really hard down the ridge back to the trail.

    • Squaw Meadow is pretty tough to beat. If you do the loop, I would rate it as the best overall hike on Mount Shasta. You are correct about all the off-trail opportunities around the area. If you head that way again, the best cross-country adventure is heading east from just below the base of the large cascade and hiking through open, scenic country to the rim of Mud Creek Canyon. It is staggeringly large and offers a rare view of seldom scene Konwakiton Falls!

    • Thanks! I got the idea while trying to illustrate for my brother down in Monterey why climbing Avalanche Gulch would not be a lot of fun in August. Clear Creek it is!

  2. Since the snow is melting so fast this year will I need my crampons for the Old Ski Bowl Trail in Sept.

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