13 comments on “Fresh Snow On Mount Shasta

  1. Really nice Shasta shots, Bubba, they make that thing look as big as a…. 14,000-foot volcano, I guess. We’re getting some snow here in the Whites today, flurries on the valley floor, and it’s sticking above 6,500′ or so. Here’s hoping this winter starts getting into gear soon: I’m a little miffed that the southern Rockies are finally getting some love the year I left!

    • Thanks Jackson! Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of just how big the mountain really is and getting a sense of proportion is something I usually fail to achieve when I shoot the mountain. I am glad to hear that NM is finally getting some precipitation. Figures you had to leave to make it happen. I still hope to get out there at some point in the near-ish future. I hope you are enjoying yourself in your new digs!

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