7 comments on “Mount Shasta: Still Waiting For Winter

  1. Any idea if road 31 approaching Clear Creek TH from the south is open and passable? I am thinking about making an outing to the Clear Creek Trail and possible summit run via Clear Creek Route this weekend, but am wondering if Road 31 is open to traffic at this point and is clear of snow? Thanks, great site here!!! -Alex alexnberra@hotmail.com

    • I have not been up on that side of the mountain for a while so take this with a grain of salt. I reckon the road is clear all the way to the trailhead. The biggest challenge you would encounter is pockets of ice in shady areas. If you have 4×4 you should be fine. Again, I have not been over there but that is basically the conditions I have encountered at similar elevations to the north of Mount Shasta. I hope that helps!

      • Thanks for the reply, good info and it does help. Also, the road 31 is not gated at all is it? Just wondering if it is a seasonal road that gets gated closed regardless of snowpack in the winter. Am gonna call the Ranger Station too and see if they know any on the road. Thanks again, great info and cool site, top notch all around. -Alex

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