7 comments on “Low Snow Hiking Around Mount Shasta

  1. Hi Bubba,
    Just thought I would share with you that I made it up to Gray Rock Lakes yesterday. The road to the trailhead was a mix of packed snow and ice, definately a 4×4 situation. I’m just blown away that getting there is even an option this time of year. If this dry spell unfortunately continues, I might just have to check out Big Bear Lake.


    • Thanks for the update on the Gray Rock Lakes. It doesn’t surprise me that the road is in that condition. As far as Big Bear Lake, definitely head up there. It is a great lake. If you do go, leave really early to give yourself plenty of time to scramble up to Little Bear Lake. It is also a fantastic lake and it is a shame to hike all the way up to Bear and check out its little siblings!

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    • It was morning for both of them. The view of Shasta is about 0.25 miles from the end of the road. From the end one need only walk a couple dozen yards to the edge of the lake. It is a pretty amazing area!

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