21 comments on “Whitney Falls Trail Washed Out

  1. I would be happy to help and bring my own loppers. I hike the Colorado Trail a lot and it is all volunteer maintained with a wonderful organization that has volunteer crews working on different sections of the 500 mile trail, every year. I haven’t done the Whitney Falls hike yet, but now I will. Thanks for your great postings!

  2. “Even better, realigning the trail along this original route would make any crossings of Bolam Creek’s unstable channel necessary. ”
    Instead of ‘necessary’, did you mean ‘unnecessary’?
    thank you so much for your informative, detailed and inspiring posts!

  3. Bubba – thanks for the update! I guess the expression “no good deed goes unpunished” holds true! The Trail Association is also interested in fixing the trail (again) next spring.

    • Thanks John. I would love to work with y’all on this and other projects. Do you know if there has been any consideration to restoring the old route of the trail? I think that all that would need to be done is lop the encroaching brush to restore the route. It would keep clear of the unstable creek bed and offer awesome views of Mount Shasta.

  4. Your photos really help me to understand how the trail is made impassable by the washout. Yes, do check back in closer to Springtime, and if I can make a trip over there, it would be fun to help out on one of the trails that lead people into the mountains.

  5. I just returned from hiking Bolam and final destination was to be Whitney Falls. Following the directions was difficult as it starts out with the description of the old trail and then speaks of alternative routes….well everything went well,but we made the sharp right to the west where trail dissapears/is washed out perched high above Bolam Creek….this had us in thick brush and sidewinding “the goat trail” on the side of steep embankment and heading west….eventually it opened up and we found a large rock to surrounded by dense Manzanita to amble up…incredible views of the Mountain and the valley below to the north. Whitney falls was visible but off in the distance…the views did not dissapointed but our distance from the falls was a let down…unable to make our way any closer due to thick Manzanita cover between us and the falls(the old over grown trail is where we ended up,I think)..where did we go wrong? Should we have proceeded down into Bolam Creek where the trail washed out up on the shoulder of Bolam Creek and not made the sharp right to the west? You could clearly see the way down into the creek was a travelled trail. If proceeding that way….do Whitney Creek and Bolam Creek meet/join farther up? Would preceeding down into Bolam Creek and continuing to follow this up towards the mountain bring us closer to Whitney Falls? I definately would go back and try a different route….any information would be helpful…..

    • Hello I just went today and it was horrible. The road was choked with manzanita and brush. The road was bad even in a 4×4 (2016 4Runner) I made it up to the top but missed the last right hand turn and ended up high up in the Bolam Creek and ended up just hiking to Coquette Falls. I would not want to do that again. Sad there is no signs or even a very usable road.

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  8. Hi! Was this trail ever scaped?? I’m considering hiking to the falls, and am no stranger to bushwhacking but just want to know it’s status. I would love to help if anyone is still intetested.

    • I am not sure what you mean by scaped. I can tell you this trail is in the burn zone from the Lava Fire last year. In some ways, this probably helped it out but it has not been maintained since before the fire so the conditions are uncertain at this time. That said, this is not the time to head to Whitney Falls. It doesn’t run until the glaciers start melting at the peak of summer.

  9. The Aug 2, 2022 thunderstorms wiped out the road from Hwy 97 to the trailhead. Union Pacific Railroad has equipment fixing the road from the highway to the railroad grade but not beyond. Let’s hope USFS fixes the rest. Now would be a good time to re-assess the best route to the falls considering it burned in the 2021 Lava Fire.

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