11 comments on “Mount Shasta 2014: A Year In Images

  1. Never get enough of your pictures, I use them as wall paper in addition to looking art the real mountain! Thank You.

  2. Great collection, Bubba! I really like that bonus January shot, and those autumn lenticulars are amazing. Can’t wait to see more next year, and to see the books!

  3. Thanks Jackson! The lenticular clouds are one of my favorite things about Mount Shasta. I know other peaks get them but Shasta is known for having a higher frequency than any of the other Cascade volcanoes. It means that no matter what, there is always the potential for something new, unexpected and utterly spectacular. You may have seen this, but for what it is worth, here is my gallery of lenticulars:
    More on the books soon! I hope you are enjoying living out on the east side. I love Mount Shasta but my heart will always be in the Sierra Nevada and you have very enviable access…

  4. What a beautiful Muley for a house guest. This photo collection is as impressive as you suspect it is: every photo a jaw-dropper. Your love for your mountain is evident, and we can all see why you love Shasta in these photos. Thanks for sharing so many insights and perspectives of this region to those of us who don’t know it as well. Have a lovely 2015.

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