6 comments on “Snow in Mount Shasta: About Dern Time!

  1. Glad it came through for you, Bubba! There are clouds advancing over the Sierra now, so hopefully our mountains see at least a little. Eli got to play in snow a couple times this winter, but not in the yard. We really wanted to take him sledding, but in this drought it just never seemed worth the bother. Next year, Lord willing!

    • That is nice to hear. Did you get snow at your house? My cousin lives right on the Applegate River (I can’t believe the fish he catches at his house!) and I was going to call and see if he got anything.

      • No, darn it. We usually get a few inches each year, but none so far. Peggy and I live on the Applegate River as well, about a mile below Applegate Lake. –Curt

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