10 comments on “Three Excellent Hikes For Memorial Weekend

    • Hi Sharon and thanks for the kind words. As far as who the person behind words, I am just someone who loves the outdoors, loves exploring and wants to write about it and share it with others, especially my wife and kids!

  1. Awesome photos. I’m hoping to visit Mt Shasta area and car camp in the national forest this summer. Any suggestions for NF campgrounds with access to trails with good views?

    • Thanks for checking out the site! As far as campgrounds with views, you aren’t going to do any better than Panther Meadow and Castle Lake campgrounds. Both are small and can fill up, but have awesome trails to views, into the back country and very beautiful locations in themselves. The former is only open after July 1.

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  4. Okay is it wrong to ask if are there any dangerous wildlife around here? I am bringing my dogs during the hike.

  5. Really appreciate your posts. I’ve done the hike to Mt. Bradley and look forward to the SCT this summer.

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