9 comments on “Chipping Away At The New Book In May

  1. I’m heading to Sequoia and King’s Canyon in September! Can’t wait to see your take on them. I’m going to get in one overnight on the Twin Lakes Trail and dayhiking for another day or so. So cool that you get to do this project.

      • First time in the Sierra. For day hiking, obviously we will hit a lot of the main tourist stuff, but I don’t have a real itinerary yet. I’m figuring one day in Sequoia, another in Kings. Any thoughts?

      • It depends on what you want to see, really. As far as Kings Canyon goes, if you are after giant sequoias, then the Redwood Mountain Loop is a good call. If you want tall granite towers, then hike to Mist Falls. They are both solid dayhikes, around 8-10 miles or so. The latter is pretty popular but still well worth the effort. Just out of curiosity, are you able to change plans and head to Yosemite?

      • Nope. In fact, purposely didn’t go to Yosemite because I was told the waterfalls would be dry by September. Already got flights, wilderness permits, and lodging in Sequoia.

      • Fair enough. You are definitely right to want to hit Yosemite when the falls are going. I really hope you are able to do that sometime soon too! If you are looking at other options for hiking in Sequoia, consider the Mineral King area. The trails do involve a lot of climbing you can get a great high country experience and there are not tons of people like other areas on the west side.

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