13 comments on “Range Of Light: Autumn Leaves And Sunsets In The Eastern Sierra

  1. We were debating the Sierras for Fall colors versus Nevada’s Ruby Mountains for old times sake. The Ruby’s won this year but your photos remind us of what we missed in the Sierras. So next Fall it’ll be the Sierras!

    • The Rubys are definitely no slouch! The last time I went through them was in the fall of 2014 and caught them with tons of color. In my mind though, nothing beats the eastern Sierra. It is transcendent. I hope you do end up going back there next year!

  2. Very cool. I love this part of the state, especially in the fall. Did you see the old mining town near the lakes? Head to any hot springs? Travertine outside of Bridgeport is a real highlight.

  3. Your color spectrum is framing is sublime, Sir. Big Kudos. Detected quaking aspen in full yellow. I was hoping for a Northern Paiute and Washoe summer this month (with the traditional village rabbit gathering), but with snow on Whitney in September I expect a beautiful blanket of pow sometime in the month. Would nix my long planned, motorcycle ultra-lite, bird watching, photography trip. THAT would bum me out. Enough about me fer gods sake. Your books I’ve only glanced through. Looking forward to finding what treasures await. New fan/follower on FB and spreading the word. Best regards, Lupo.

  4. Breathtaking photos! I’ve only been hiking in the Sierra Nevadas once, it was during the fall also, and your blog is a reminder why I need to go back. We explored the Hilton Lakes and there was literally not another soul in sight for days! I wish I had exposed my kids to more hiking when they were young. It’s such a great family activity and inspires a love of being outdoors and exploring!

  5. That’s a side of California I’ve yet to see but long to. Especially after admiring the view from your photos. What a remarkable place and a spectacular set of experiences for your kids! I can only imagine the incredible impact it will have on them as they grow.

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