7 comments on “Gateway Trail Phase II Proposal Review

  1. Fantastic writeup, Bubba!

    From: “Hike Mt. Shasta”
    Reply-To: “Hike Mt.Shasta”
    Date: Monday, February 12, 2018 at 2:35 PM
    To: “jharch@nctv.com”
    Subject: [New post] Gateway Trail Phase II Proposal Review

    bubbasuess posted: ” A very approximate rendering of the area covered by the proposed expansion of the Gateway Trail. On Monday, January 29th, the US Forest Service hosted an informational meeting at the Mount Shasta City Park. The subject of the meeting was the proposed e”

  2. Has there been any discussion of areas that would be open to canine “traffic”? Would be much appreciated by many, to have areas that allow dogs to exercise along with their humans. Also, any talk about “handicap access” trail segments? (Thinking of the very popular IndependenceTrail outside of Nevada City). Awesome plans and possibilities. Thanks!

    • This trail is entirely on USFS administered land, which means that, unless specifically forbidden (unlikely in this case), dogs are permitted. As far as accessibility, I do not think that anything is planned. The nature of the terrain and the vista etc. does not really lend itself to those kind of trails. Also, while the CA state park system ensures that there be an accessible trail in each park, the USFS does not have the same mandate. That said, the three vista points for the McCloud River waterfalls are all ADA compliant to some degree. If you think the project should include something like that, you ought to send a comment and let them know!

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