5 comments on “Memorable Cloud Theatrics Over Mount Shasta

  1. Stunning! FYI, I am setting the year for my PCT thru hike as 2020! I was out at Lake Somerville by myself the other weekend and realized I’ve just got to take the plunge. The timing will never be perfect. So I crafted a plan to save enough to cover the mortgage while I’m gone and 2020 should work out. It’s getting real!

    • That is awesome! There is no other trail like. The scenery is so diverse and the mountains are consistently spectacular. Here in Mount Shasta we live close to several access points, so if you want to use us as a layover point, please feel free. We have a large guest cabin too, so if you want to stay there for a day or if your wife wants to come out and join you for a few days during some zeros you are more than welcome to use it. Let me know how I can help!

  2. Hiking to Mt Shasta’s basecamp is a must if you’re in the area. It is stunning as you climb from the warm flats into the snowy steep of the mountain. This is a great day hike. There were lots of groups going up on overnights with camping equipment. The scenary is so diverse.

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