12 comments on “Hirz To Delta: Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

  1. Man, they just keep coming. Down this way, the Boot Fire in the West Walker canyon north of Bridgeport is a new and scary one. I’m afraid I’m going to regret that I haven’t really made time for Sonora Pass or the Sweetwaters.

    • Yeah. I didn’t even know about the Boot Fire until you just said that. That is depressing. That stretch of 395 is one of my favorite parts of that highway. This has been a rough summer and it is not over yet…

  2. Up to 5,000 acres this morning and some spot fires have already reached west to Trinity Lake. Very tough terrain to fight fire in. We expect the air attack planes will start from the airport here as soon as its light. Pray for rain!

    • Thanks. We’ll do what we can. I am thinking about cutting some trees around my house down. We have good defensible space but there are a few week spots. This really has been a rough summer.

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  5. Hi, we are leaving Montreal for Mount Shasta tomorrow morning. The owner of the hotel of Shasta told us that everything is ok, air qualité etc and that we can come without any problem and do our visit. All the blog that I’m looking said/show the opposite of his say. PLEASE as you see outside, will you personaly cancel or do this trip ? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honnesty Sorry if my english is not so good xxx

    • Hi. The air quality was good until yesterday and then it has been off and on since then, as the winds have changed. There were times yesterday when Mount Shasta was clear of smoke and then others when it got bad. I suspect the quality won’t be great for a few more days.

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