6 comments on “Lake Siskiyou Autumn Idyll

  1. I have never seen Porcupine Peak labelled on a map (It is directly above Porcupine Lake) Our family has called it “Sgt. Pepper Peak” after our corgi Sgt. Pepper made it to the top of it years ago.

    • I talked to my best friend last night and he had gone down to Sugarland for the weekend. He said it rained really, really hard the whole way down there. During my four years in Texas, I thought October was the nicest month out of the whole year. It’s a bummer that is not the case right now. As far as having fall color or anything, when November rolled around I always headed to New Mexico or the Ozarks when I had time off from school. The latter had surprisingly good color, especially along the Buffalo River. If you can time a trip to Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls when the leaves have turned, you won’t regret it!

      • Our weather is getting weirder and weirder. 3rd hottest summer on record followed by record flooding. Austin is under a boil water notice for the first time in history.

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