2 comments on “Some Interesting Nuance In A Mount Shasta Sunset

  1. Hello, I tried today to get to the lookout for Whitney Falls. I got lost in the Manzanita fields of the old trail. There were several places to cross the wash earlier, but I chose to try to find the old Trail, maybe not the best choice. On the way back, I did get across the wash up higher and had an easy trip down. I never did get to see the falls. There was no water running in Whitney Creek. I don’t know if there was water running at the falls. I thought there would be with the heavy snowfall this year. Perhaps there is water running at the falls and not lower in the creek. I just thought I would give you this update. I think I will go back again to see if there is water running at the falls. Thank you again for your wonderful website. It is so helpful and thorough. Thanks, Jane


    • Thanks for the update! My experience with Whitney Falls is that the creek does not really run until it is hot enough in summer to really start melting the Whitney Glacier. I have been up a few times in Mays past hoping to see things flowing and they never were. It is definitely a summer waterfall.

      As far as the trail, I think the old trail needs to be lopped. The banks on all the creek crossings are so unstable, it is not really a good option, long term. The brush route also has really good views of Mt. Shasta. A half dozen people with loppers could probably clear the whole path in a day. Maybe a good job for this summer…

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