5 comments on “Snow On Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Those who skip the Sierras may find that there’s still quite a bit of snow here in the Oregon Cascades. Fallen trees may also be an issue if that snow keeps trail crews waiting. Thru-hikers should expect it to be harder to “make their miles” until mid-June or later.

    • I agree. The only long section that is totally viable at this point is from Lassen to I-5. I am not sure the exact distance but most of that stays well below 5,000 feet and is pretty much snow-free. I would guess I-5 through Howard Prairie might be clear too. Other than that, if I was down south on the trail, I would head to Vegas or Moab for a couple of weeks.

  2. Yep, I’m hoping for a much lower snow year next year. Or at least not nearly as much late season snow. The woman whose blog I’m following this year hit Kennedy Meadows a couple of weeks ago and got pretty well socked in with a snow storm around Whitney. She didn’t have to bail, but was pretty close.

    I used to think I was in the “purist” camp and wanting to go straight through from Mexico to Canada, but I think now I’d actually be ok with flipping up and mixing up sections if the weather isn’t ideal. I’ll just have to see what 2020 throws at me.

    • Well, from a local point of view, I would be happy with a light year too. Less clearing of snow would be a nice change of pace. Not good for the ski park though. When you get up here on your journey, I will buy you dinner at Yaks. It made yelp’s top 100 restaurants in America!

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