10 comments on “Another Spectacular Week Of Autumn Around Mount Shasta

    • Good luck on the permitting! I think I may have offered this in the past, but we have a cabin across the road from my house. If you want to plan on a zero (or more) and use it, you are welcome to. If your wife or parents or anyone are going to join you out here at any point on the trip, you are welcome to all stay there too. This is also a great place to have people join you on the trail for a short stretch too, since there are a few different good road access points to make short stretches (anywhere from 26 to 13 miles). The section from Gumboot to Parks Creek is especially good with lakes and fantastic views of Mount Shasta and the Trinity Alps. That section is pretty level and at 13 miles makes a pretty easy day trip or easy overnighter. Just a thought…

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