8 comments on “Distancing Pt. II: A Weekend Around Mount Shasta

  1. First, I always enjoy your posts and beautiful photography. I’d suggest maintaining Hike Mt. Shasta while integrating your other two subject areas. They both sound interesting. If one takes off, then you can rethink your approach. Places of beauty and calm are more important now than ever. Like you, we are lucky to live in a beautiful are abacking up to the Siskiyou Mountains (near Applegate Lake). We are both fortunate in this time of sheltering. –Curt

  2. I would love to follow your other passions but please don’t close down hike Mt Shasta. I just found your site and absolutely
    love it. It has opened up a new hiking world for me. I have also shared your site with lots of others who feel the same. Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Please continue to post Hike Mt. Shasta, and just do whatever else moves you. It would be sad for all us followers to lose Hike Mt. Shasta.

  4. Your mount Shasta post means everything in the world to me! I look forward to it day after day… Please don’t shut it down, if you choose to do other projects, I would appreciate reading about those too but Mount Shasta is very dear to my heart! Growing up in Southern California it was nothing but sheer magic when I would get to go up to my grandparents up in Callahan, and getting to see my very first Cascade at a young age has never left me and now I’m almost 52! Mount Shasta is my favorite mountain in the entire earth, it marked that I knew I was getting closer and closer to my grandparents way up in God’s country. Your pictures never get old or boring or look the same, they are dramatic and beautiful and I love all of the seasons and I love everything that you say…you have a precious family, I have three grown adult children and we raised them in Washington state and so we know all about raising them in the woods & in the mountains, now I live actually only five hours from Mount Shasta in Auburn so last year I got to go to the original Black Bear Diner and have my 51st birthday and look right out at the mountain closer than I had ever seen in my entire life, so your blog means everything to me! It keeps me in touch with my favorite mountain! And I’m going to go again this year, although my plans have changed I won’t be around any people except my husband. So thank you for all of your beautiful posts and pictures and keeping me in touch with my gorgeous mountain!

  5. Pretty much echo what others have said. I also like seeing stuff about your family every once in a while. You were one of my very first blog followers and I’m saddened that I won’t get to meet you in person this year as I don’t pass through on the PCT. I’ll make it up there at some point, I promise.

  6. I hope you keep the site going. It’s a great resource. About the other ideas, I say “write what you love.”
    I’ve no doubt we will love reading more of what you love to write.

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