3 comments on “Just Some Pictures of Autumn In Mount Shasta

  1. I thought we weren’t going to see much in the way of color here, either. And then it popped! It’s been beautiful. Even the white oaks on our property have taken on colors ranging from almost yellow to burnt orange. –Curt

    • I’m glad you were able to get some good color. It was definitely not a great year here, though we did get some.

      Interestingly, when my wife and drove through Oregon in late August, it seemed a lot of the trees along I-5 were turning color really early. Did you notice this?

      • We were off journeying around the US in our small RV at the time, avoiding Covid while also escaping. When we arrived back here in September we didn’t notice much but we had come in from eastern Oregon and skipped I-5.

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