5 comments on “The Solstice And The “Star”

  1. Amazing shots! We had cloud cover in Austin last night, so weren’t able to see. With your lack of light pollution, I’m sure it was even better in real life. Thanks for the photos!

  2. Sweet story and nice images. Thanks. We went out as well and have images to look at more closely. It felt like a special day and. wonderous night.

  3. I am so with you on the short days! I do a countdown. And even though the difference is imperceptible the following days, I wake up with a smile and sense of relief!
    Love the view of the Heart on Shasta. I showed my grandkids the route I hiked up it ever so long ago. And then how we slid down. –Curt

  4. Absolutely stunning pictures. I agree that seeing the planets last night did bring to mind the Magi and their following the star to Bethlehem. Our God is so marvelous and the beauty of His creation is so intense that it brings tears to my eyes. Praise His name for giving us such a glorious world to live in.

  5. Great images, as usual. I really look forward to your posts hitting my inbox, and getting the latest pictures and observations. We went to the beach to see the planets align, but it was so crowded, we returned home and glimpsed the pair from our yard on a cloud free evening.

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