6 comments on “The Winter Snowpack Thus Far In Mount Shasta

  1. “The winter may have started later than normal but once it got going, we have done pretty well.”

    those recent storms had very little moisture in them. i have is at 14.57″ or 36% of our yearly average. i would not say we have done well. i would say we are in severe drought.

    • Where are you getting those numbers? Everything I see on the government pages paints a much better picture. My own experience this winter is that it is much better than years that really were severe drought. That said, I grant these last storms were pretty dry but it still adds to the depth of the snowpack.

      • from my mount shasta rain gauge, which BTW reads slightly higher then the automated one at the usfs.

  2. The winter of 2014-15 is memorable because we hiked parts of a snow-free Pacific Crest Trail in January! Something that extreme hasn’t happened since – which is a good thing. And this year seems, as you detail above, to be approaching something like normal. But climate, unlike weather, plays out over years, not just one season. Southern Oregon and Northern California have been in a D1 to D3 drought for several years now. It will take a series of normal or better than normal water years to replenish the soil moisture and ease this drought.

      • approaching normal???

        from wednesday’s mount shasta herald:

        “Mt. Shasta, downtown 12.67″

        our yearly average is ~40″

        12.67” which is ~32% of average… this is not approaching normal. this is drought.

        please no fake news.

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