6 comments on “Life And The Lava Fire Pt. II

  1. Glad that you made it through. I’m battling covid myself right now, but hopefully I’m near the end of it. Stay safe. Lots of things wrong in the world right now and I’m trying to stay positive.

  2. Beautiful photos. You’re right about the beauty that the smoke creates. I guess that is the blessing in these devastating fires.

    • There’s smoke that adds beauty (and sometimes I like it) but then there’s the thick soup that comes when there’s too much of it. We’ve had that for a week now and I am done with it, though my feelings won’t make it go away, that is for sure. Hopefully Yosemite isn’t getting hit with much of it!

  3. Ouch. I’ve been taking a break from blogging this summer and missed your tales. So sorry about the fire and the Covid. Talk about a one-two blow! So far, we have missed both although the heat and the smoke have been obnoxious. Enjoyed the photos of the Sierras. All places I have wandered numerous times. –Curt

    • Thanks Curt! It has certainly been a hard, wierd summer. I am glad you have missed covid and fires! Both are definitely…less than ideal. I know through your blog you have wandered far and wide through the Sierra. They (and Yosemite in particular) will always be my spiritual home. I am curious, are there any particular areas that you are especially fond of? Any singular spots? My personal favorite is the base of Staircase Falls in Yosemite. That will always be my favorite spot on earth!

      • There are so many places, Bubba. It’s a lot easier to say I’ve never met a trail in the Sierras that I don’t like from the area around Lake Tahoe to the grandeur of the John Muir trail. One of my all-time favorites is the hike between Kennedy Meadows (North) and Tuolumne Meadows. Benson Lake is a gem. –Curt

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