13 comments on “Old Ski Bowl Sunset With September Snow

  1. I share your sentiment about the internet and broadcasting out all of these amazing natural spaces to people who may not treat them the way they should. That said, I’d like to think the good outweighs the bad. We all appreciate the effort you put in and the photos you share. There have been many times I’ve forwarded your pics to a co-worker or friend, just to show them the beauty.

    Thanks Bubba!

    • Thank you Ian. I am grateful that the images and writing I have contributed over the years has been appreciated! Are you still planning on on the PCT next year?

      • Yep! Pre-registration is next week and permit day is November 15th. I’m committed. Hardest part is getting over the the mental hurdle of getting to the southern terminus. Then it’s on!

  2. I appreciate you holding boundaries on the internet to preserve the hidden gems of Mt Shasta and her sacred beauty. I ,too, really enjoy your photography and writing. It keeps me close to this place of reverence which is so close to my heart and the hearts of many. Thank for your time and effort in sharing the mountain with us.

    • Thank you! When I first started this site, the internet was much younger and social media certainly not what it has become. I didn’t think anything of sharing places initially but I have seen what happens through social media and overuse. That is definitely not my desire for Mount Shasta and it is hard to find that balance.

  3. Bubba, I very much enjoy your photos and commentaries and am glad to hear you will continue with them. I also like history and am looking forward to the addition of bits of history to your blog.

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