The Mount Shasta area has a variety of campgrounds. Most of these facilities are operated by the National Forest Service. They range from high elevation sites adjacent to alpine lakes to campgrounds on the banks of the Sacramento and McCloud Rivers. Two campgrounds are on the flanks of Mount Shasta itself. Dispersed camping (on national forest land but not in a campground) is also a good option.

12 comments on “Campgrounds

  1. What a fantastic site you have created! We are headed to the Trinity Alps to do some dispersed camping in July. Any tips on where we might head to find a spot on a creek/river somewhere?
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  2. My sister, her three children, and I are trying to plan a trip this July. I’m unable to book any type of reservation for a site in the national park and am worried we wont have a spot to go to when we arrive. Are my worries in vain, are there many places to camp? Where would you suggest we camp, do you think I should book outside the park to ensure a spot, and if so where? Thanks

    • First, there is no national park, just a national forest, which makes a difference, since national parks are far busier. As far as camping, most of the sites should have room. If worse comes to worse, places lake Lake Shastina don’t fill up. I would also call the Lake Siskiyou Resort. They have a huge campground!

  3. Looking to camp with our teardrop as we travel through the area on our way to Napa in a few weeks, Avid campers/hikers. We have 3-4 days to check it out and want to do several moderate level hikes. Your best recommendations for both to those who haven’t been to Shasta before would be greatly appreciated.

    • So many scenic options to park and make it work. Especially with a trailer. Deadfall and Mt eddy are nice though we got very little precip this winter so far. All the for3stry roads offer an opp to explore as well

  4. How is the camping and trails in mid June typically? Any campgrounds or hikes that are better than others at that time? Thanks!

    • Mid June is often pretty good and likely will be this year. That is sort of a soft zone where the high country has mostly opened up but not everything quite yet. Everything in my spring hiking round up will be in great shape, with a bunch of higher elevation stuff open. I would bet everything along the South Fork of the Sac will be hikable by then this year. No guarantees though.

  5. we are wanting to camp around the second week of July. Do the campsites fill up pretty fast? Do you suggest booking a site in advance ?

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